Whether you are a Corporation, LLC, Partnership, or Sole Proprietor, the Federal and State revenue codes require tax on your business activities.  Are you aware of the best ways to minimize your tax liabilities?  Are you operating in the right form?  Let’s find out and make sure your soaring into this economy on the fastest set of wings.

Real Estate Transactions

Real Estate offers opportunities to expand businesses through leasing; and purchasing can be desirable to increase business stability and assets.  If you find a distressed property to invest in, it too can have its own set of distinct opportunities.  Property transaction planning gives you the advantage to increase your business portfolio and save money.


Do you have an import or export business?  Do you have suppliers and contractors in other countries or possibly own subsidiaries?  Are you properly using the Foreign Income Tax Credit?  Do you even know what a Foreign Income Tax Credit is?  Creating and executing a plan for overseas transactions can save you significant tax liabilities and create a way for you to expand your international influence on a fair playing field with international competitors.

Foreign Person’s U.S. Activities

The U.S. taxes foreign persons, including nonresident aliens and foreign corporations of U.S. source income.  Learn what is taxed, what is not taxed, and ways of limiting your exposure while in the U.S.

Person Tax Circumstances

Personal Taxes can be daunting as well.  We are here to read between the lines, set-up payment plans, negotiate, and work with the Internal Revenue Service on your behalf.

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