Should I File for Bankruptcy?

 Nicholas Fisher provides you the tools to deal with debt and regenerate your life.  Mortgages, Deeds of Trust, foreclosures, modification, mediation, and bankruptcy are the arsenal of solutions available to you from the Law Offices of Nicholas Fisher.

As you search the net for answers to the question posed above, you will find “alternatives” such as setting budgets, negotiating, and a myriad of self-help fixes, but the end paragraph seems to conclude in that you should seek professional help.  The end paragraph is in our opinion is meant for the majority, you didn’t get into this mess by yourself and the fact is that you will not likely get out of this mess without help.  That doesn’t mean that alternatives do not exist or are not recommended, but you must ask yourself “Can I execute those alternatives?”  If you are hesitant, then it may be time to seek professional help.

For those who are considering bankruptcy, filing usually should be put off until it is necessary.  That necessity comes from garnishments, foreclosures, impending divorce, or other life altering events.  Until such an event forces the filing, there is time to analyze, plan, and make preparations for entering bankruptcy.  Our offices work on educating those seeking relief under the bankruptcy code on alternatives, and helps them prepare for filing.  This does not mean hiding assets or anything under handed, but looking at the filing with the due respect that it deserves and preparing for a life that will be different from the one that made you ask the question above.

Nicholas’s extensive background in creditor’s/debtor’s rights has helped him negotiate significant settlements in and out of bankruptcy.  As one client said, “You aren’t just getting a bankruptcy lawyer; you are getting a tax expert who happens to be an expert in bankruptcy.”

Let us work with you strategically eliminating debt and stepping onto financially stable ground. Call or email today to find out how to get started!