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I want to thank Mr. Eric Sachtjen for the link.  Backoff

Economists want lawmakers to Back off from WSJ.  Chicken little has decided that the sky is falling and the best way to prop it up is to start tearing down the foundation to make pillars for the sky. 30 of 48 economists agree, and that is a miracle in and of itself, that more governmental stimulus is not necessary and may be crippling to the economy.

Last night, I read and analyzed 150 pages of the new Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.  If you think that was crazy, I didn’t finish until 3:30 in the morning and then I was up at 7:30 to do it again.  The provisions make calls in name only to end these stimulus and bail out activities but leave it up to a weasly set of politicians to find or make loopholes big enough to drive a Mack truck of a new stimulus package through.  Growing up with a family that owned its fair share of semi-tractor trailers, I find it acceptable to say, “BACK OFF!”

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