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nuclear_blastGlenn Beck and a number of other conservative commentators have described Obama’s policy in limiting the “nuclear reaction” as weakening the defenses of America. I disagree. To explain why I disagree, I would analogize a story I read as a young man coming home from Japan. I had lived in Japan for nearly two years as a missionary and had deprived myself of movies, television and magazines for the entirety of my mission experience, and when I was on the flight home, I purchased a Car and Driver at the news stand. Though I read numerous articles on a daily basis and probably couldn’t recount to you a single one without refreshing my recollection, that magazine has significance in my life. The cover article was about a Corvette, but not an ordinary Corvette. This car had been given to a shop that specialized in custom alterations of the engines and the shop had maximized this particular red Corvette so that it would do about 224mph on the race way. The author then posed the question of whether it was necessary to make a car go that fast? His conclusion, and I love this saying, “how scrambled do you want your egg?”

I believe the technological capabilities of the U.S. Armed Forces, rivaled by none on this planet, are any less spectacular with taking the nuclear option and restricting it. I do not agree with Mr. Obama in many regards, I think he is fiscally unsound and presses an ideological agenda that contradicts much of what I hold dear, but in this thing I can find common ground and do not need to take the effort to criticize and demean just because we have differences in most other aspects of our political leanings. Our military can still scramble eggs with the best of them.

The surgical precision of our military implements can render entire countries helpless in a matter of days and the massive collateral casualties that can still be seen in the foreign land that I called home, some 50 years after the second World War, should be instructive in the need to limit and restrict the use of such awful weapons. The Non-Proliferation treaties and other political tools that many have fought for during the last 65 years deserve more than lip service and I think this is an applaudable step.  So the next time you are getting breakfast and wondering just how scrambled your eggs need to be, remember red corvettes and nuclear options. As for me, I prefer my eggs over hard.

Post Author: Nicholas Fisher

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