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Dear Friends:

Below I have provided a couple of links to technical explanations from the Joint Committee on Taxation.  If you are unfamiliar with this type of report, they are excellent reports on how the alterations to the Internal Revenue Code are intended to impact the code.  I think you will find it interesting that by the time you get through page 12 of the explanation that you will find the public option is quite alive and well.  When you cannot create a governmental entity to compete in the private sector the second best thing is to create non-profits that take money with so many governmental strings attached that you begin to see the marionette moving the puppets.  I admit, I am less than pleased with the passage of this bill.  I can only hope that the grand assertions of our politicians come to pass and that Utopian society will shortly descend upon us all.  If that does not happen, and I don’t think that it will because we placed and enormous band aid on top of a festering wound, it is in our best interest to be educated as to the actual provisions of the bill.  Don’t let Hannity or Olberman be the one to “inform” you of the contents.  You can read, take that public education of yours and put it to work.

Technical Explanation of the Revenue Provisions (JCX-18-10)

Estimated Revenue Effects (JCX-17-10)

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